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Types of Memory: Short Term, Long Term
and Eidetic Memory

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There are two main types of memory: short term memory and long term memory. How you categorize it depends on the type of information you're storing and how long you can retain it.

There is another, extremely rare kind called an eidetic memory (also referred to as a photographic memory) which is possessed by very few people. This is the ability to recall abundant images, sounds or objects in your mind with extreme accuracy.

Let's take a closer look at each type of memory and how you can improve its function with brain training, supplements, and more.


How To Improve Your Short Term Memory

How To Improve Your Short Term MemoryAlso known as active memory, your short term recall lasts only seconds or minutes - about the time it takes to read and dial a phone number, or compare two different prices in the supermarket. It's very fragile and easily forgotten, which is a good thing otherwise your brain would quickly fill up with unwanted strings of numbers.

Intriguingly, the average human brain can hold seven items in its short term memory, which explains why we can remember a 7-digit phone number for a few minutes but we need our 16-digit credit card number handy when we shop online... (continues)

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How To Improve Your Long Term Memory

How To Improve Your Long Term MemoryAs you can imagine, long term memories are far more complex than fleeting short term recall. Their life span ranges from a few minutes to many decades. Some are far stronger than others and can be remembered on demand; others require prompting. What's more, your long term memories are updated and revised over the years, as you embellish certain details in your mind or inadvertently merge them with other memories.

There are many types of long term memories, such as explicit and implicit memory, which are broken down into specific types like episodic, semantic and procedural memories. Learning about the various kinds of memory will help you understand how to imprint new information better. This will improve your memory overall and give you faster and more accurate recall, enhanced concentration and better studying skills... (continues)

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Can You Develop An Eidetic Memory?

Can Anyone Develop An Eidetic Memory?An eidetic memory isn't merely a good memory - it's an astonishing one. People with such an ability don't consciously use mnemonic devices or other aids to jog their memory; simply, they can automatically remember specific details like the weather on any given day years ago.

Famous eidetickers portrayed in movies and TV shows include Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man and Tony Shalhoub in Monk. Real life eidetickers claim to see an image on a blank canvas in their minds as vividly as if they were looking at it right now. This enables them to revisit specific details and provide seemingly uncanny recall... (continues)

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