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Memory Improvement Techniques

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What makes a really good memory? Are some people simply luckier than others when it comes to recall? Perhaps... but they do have one powerful weapon in their arsenal: they use memory improvement techniques.

Whether they flex their memory muscle deliberately or whether it comes naturally - people with strong memories have undergone a kind of training. And you can train yourself to have a better memory, too.

Whatever your age, you can benefit by learning precisely how to improve your memory on a daily basis. Even though your memory isn't a muscle, we can use the analogy that the more you use it, the stronger it becomes!

So, ready to start some memory improvement exercises? The following section contains an array of free memory exercises, techniques and games to supercharge your brain!


Mnemonic Devices

A mnemonic device is a verbal or visual memory improvement technique that makes it easier to remember a host of seemingly unrelated data. It works by evoking vivid and unusual mental imagery and emotions, thereby giving dry data meaning. Visit this section to learn some very handy mnemonics to improve your working memory in all kinds of situations. From remembering the names and occupations of new people, to memorizing copious amounts of data for upcoming exams. Mnemonics in this section include:


Memory Games

Another proven way to improve your memory is to flex your brain with memory games on a regular basis. You may do this with crosswords, puzzles and sudoku - although the most advanced games encourage greater speed, concentration and interactivity, which is why I recommend the brain games at Lumosity. This section will take you off-site to a website created by neuroscientists and game developers. Their free range of online games are designed to boost your memory, concentration, flexibility and creativity. As featured in the The New York Times.


Memory MP3s

This section is under development. Please bookmark this page and come back soon!


Memory Exercises

This section is under development. Please bookmark this page and come back soon!

For more information on these and other memory techniques be sure to check out, another site dedicated to helping you make the most of your memory.

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